Mushroom Stroganoff

I made this yummy dish on a vegan day of the week and it really was tasty! Experimenting with cooking is my favourite thing, so I particularly enjoy trying vegan dishes as although I don't eat vegan it's a great challenge! But with experimenting does come the occasional mistake, this one being that I probably should... Continue Reading →

Vegan Curry

This is actually a guest recipe from my lovely housemates boyfriend who has gone vegan this January! He came round for dinner last week and made this absolute delight! Even my complete meat eater boyfriend enjoyed it! Like with everything, this recipe is super easy and incredibly tasty! If you're staying in tonight on this kinda cold... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Stew

With the last few days until Christmas, what a perfect time to make this gorgeous wintery warming stew! It's so easy to make, literally whacking it all in to a big saucepan and serving up! It can be easily reheated and make a big batch and freeze! Ingredients - serves 3-4 1 Onion, finely chopped... Continue Reading →

Veggie Chilli

I made this gorge chilli one evening when I was home alone! This serves two which was super handy as the boyfriend had the leftovers the following day! It was so easy to make and so so warming! I had it with all the trimmings and some cheeky wedges but serve it however you wish!... Continue Reading →

Vegan Bowl

I am not a vegan myself, but I really believe in trying different types of food and enjoying a well rounded diet. I also think its hugely important to try new things and shake up your dinner routine! So I decided to make for myself and my housemates a little bowl of vegan goodness! It... Continue Reading →

Butternut Squash Risotto

I really love homemade risotto. It does take a bit of time to work together, but the end result is always super warming. This dish was so perfect for the autumn period, using seasonal produce is always great! The crunchy seeds on top made the mix of soft and crunchy perfect. The cinnamon adds a... Continue Reading →

Veggie Curry

I am actually not a massive curry person! I enjoy it occasionally, but it's not my go to dinner choice. But as the weeks are getting colder and winter is upon us, you start to crave those warming meals that make you feel cosy inside. A vegetarian curry is great because it feels quite light... Continue Reading →

The Best Baked Sweet Potato

For me, a sweet potato is the most comforting meal ever and this one is so easy and so filling. It's vegetarian but switch the natural yogurt for coconut yogurt and this baby suits a vegan/plant-based diet also! Serves 2 Ingredients  2 Sweet Potatoes 400g chickpeas 1/2 onion 1 clove of garlic Bag of spinach... Continue Reading →

Lunchbox: Ramen

My boyfriend dubbed this 'a fancy pot noodle' - which is essentially what this is! This is one of our fave packed lunches as its full of flavour and so fun to eat. You will need a kilner jar... however you could take it in some Tupperware and transfer to a bowl when you get... Continue Reading →

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