Oat Flapjacks

These flapjacks (kind of) were so easy to make and a great little snack for us to feast on working from home! I originally use this Jamie Oliver recipe - however I didn't have half of the ingredients so substituted a lot ha! Ingredients 50g butter 50g peanut butter 100g oats 100g golden syrup 100g... Continue Reading →

Side Dish: Onion Rings

This is the side dish of all side dishes. They are kinda naughty but sooo so worth it and I recommend you make this to accompany every dish from now into the future! They are also incredibly easy which is a total bonus! Ingredients 50g cornflour 20g plain Flour 100ml beer 1 Onion Sunflower Oil... Continue Reading →

Banana Bread!

I know I know, everything I post I say 'this is so easy'... but I promise you I really mean it with this one!! This banana bread is my absolute go to when I want a snack for my lunches during the week (or have some bananas I need to use up)!  Seriously tasty and... Continue Reading →

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