Vegan Special Pasta

Any regulars to this little blog of mine will remember I have a dish I like to call 'Alice's Special Pasta' haha. Even now it's just referred to as 'special pasta' and we all know what that means! I knew doing Veganuary meant no special pasta so I was determined to come up with a... Continue Reading →

Lunchbox: Ratatouille

We had a real thing with delicious warming lunches and this was no exception. In my old job we didn't have a microwave so soups, stews & curries were out of the question! Now I'm lucky enough to have one, so it has really opened up the possibilities of lunchbox options! I used this Jamie... Continue Reading →

Lunchbox: Falafels

There is a place I get my lunch on the rare occasions I don't bring a lunchbox from a heavenly place called Finch's, by London Fields. They do these amazing wraps or boxes and they are honestly so freaking good. I swear everyone in my work gets one of these daily, we must be single handily funding... Continue Reading →

Restaurants: April

It has been ridiculously long since my last blog post, I guess life just got in the way! But I am back. Starting with this post about great restaurants I enjoyed way back in April! All fantastic suggestions and worth a try. Promise.   Dirty Bones Various Locations I needed to try this place out to... Continue Reading →

March: Restaurants

Honestly, I say this every month but how the hell is it the end of March already!? Anyone prepared for April showers.... I'm certainly not! Here we are 4 days in and already the weather is going crazy! As always, I like to start the month rounding up on some of the funky places I... Continue Reading →

Lunchbox: Pork Ramen

We bloody love a ramen for our lunches and I wanted to try something new this time so went original ramen. Very few ingredients but somehow it's just so tasty and super quick to make! Let me know what you think! Ingredients - Serves 2 for the week! Pork shoulder joint (around 2kg) Bunch of... Continue Reading →

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese is the boyfriends absolute favourite dinner ever, and I rarely make it as weirdly it's not my favourite pasta dish! As it was his birthday I decided I would treat him and make him his fave! This literally takes 30 minutes and is so rich and flavoursome!  Ingredients 500g beef mince meat 400g... Continue Reading →

Prawn Cakes

Fishcakes are my absolute fave comfort food, so making them yourself just makes them so good! Give these a try, they were super easy!  Ingredients  330g raw king prawns 2 spring onions 1 tsp fish sauce 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1 lime, zest and juice A sprinkling of plain flour 2 slices wholemeal bread 1... Continue Reading →

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