Lunchbox: Chicken Wings & Salad

So we had had the busiest weekend and we just thought you know what, lets have a simple lunch. It's been so hot recently as well that we wanted something quite refreshing. So we picked this delight of chicken wings and salad - so simple but so easy and so yum. Actually my boyfriend even... Continue Reading →

Banana Bread!

I know I know, everything I post I say 'this is so easy'... but I promise you I really mean it with this one!! This banana bread is my absolute go to when I want a snack for my lunches during the week (or have some bananas I need to use up)!  Seriously tasty and... Continue Reading →

2018 Goals

I am not one for resolutions, I never have been. For me, resolutions are too definite, too constrictive. They also imply that you aren’t already a great version of yourself and you should resolve to be better. For me, it is all about goals - goals are about trying something knew or working towards something,... Continue Reading →

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