January: Restaurants

You guys know I love a monthly round up of all the fun places I ate in over the last 31 days! I don't just love cooking food, I love to enjoy it also so hopefully being able to tell you some of the fun places to try in and around London, it might inspire... Continue Reading →

December: Restaurants

I know the last thing you guys probably want to after the heavy food-filled Christmas is think about going out for dinner! But nonetheless I thought I would let you know of a couple of great places I ate in in December. Let me know if you give any of these a try - they... Continue Reading →

Salmon Fishcakes

I made these gorgeous melt in the middle salmon fishcakes for my sister and boyfriend the other evening and ohh man it went down a treat! If you'e stuck for food over this Christmas week but want something yummy, comforting but not too difficult that can feed the masses - give this a try! Ingredients... Continue Reading →

Christmas Party: Mains

Following on from our Starters... here is how we tackled the mains! We went for a traditional roast for our Christmas party, although we didn't go for a turkey for two reasons really 1) let's save that for actual Christmas Day and 2) the cost was unreal! Ingredients - This serves 8 people (with a... Continue Reading →

Christmas Party: Starters

You guys know all about our Christmas Party and how I planned it! The original recipes for all of these dishes came from the Polpo Cookbook, and we adapted them slightly depending on timings! We wanted light and refreshing starters, but something a little special!   Smoked Salmon, Ricotta & Dill Wrap Ingredients 100g soft... Continue Reading →

Greek Salad

Another holiday special, I also made this in Crete for lunch one day, but I also make this regularly as one of my fave salads ever! You can't beat the taste of the tomatoes and olives in Crete! However, this is still a cracking salad and super super easy! This is a great one for lunches,... Continue Reading →

Salmon Pasta

Another holiday dinner! I made this in Crete one evening we wanted something simple but tasty for dinner so I thought I'd just do a big pasta dish! This literally took 25 minutes and was lovely and fresh! Ingredients Tagliatelle - approx 3 nests per person Smoked salmon - shredded into strips Parsley -  handful... Continue Reading →

Alice’s Fish Pie

Sorry it's been a while since my last post - hopefully this delight makes up for it! I love love love fish pie, but I am not a fan of fish pie mix you can buy in supermarkets, I much prefer a pie with just salmon or cod. I created this recipe for my housemates... Continue Reading →

Mac and Cheese

This is without a doubt one of my absolute favourite meal everrrrr especially when I'm in need of something comforting! My mum makes the best version ever (not sure what she does to make it so special(!)) but she did give me her (super simple) recipe to make for myself! Ingredients 40g butter 25g plain... Continue Reading →

Baked Aubergines

My love for Diana Henry will become more apparent as this blog continues... Last Friday I cooked dinner for my mum for her birthday and she too is a Ms Henry fan so I thought it was only fitting to use one of her recipes from her 'Cook Simple' recipe book. I made this as... Continue Reading →

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