Goats Cheese Salad

Despite the fact that summertime is over, salads still have their place in the winter and I love making up salads... in fact the following is a direct quote from my sister 😛 : You are so good at salads This one is no exception and was light and delicious. If you are a veggie,... Continue Reading →

Cod – Two Ways

I wanted this post to demonstrate how easy it is to cook a delicious but quick meal when you fancy something light but just do not know what to have! Chances are, you will have some of this already in your fridge or freezer, but if not it can all be purchased very easily on... Continue Reading →

Roasted Cod & Potatoes

Having already spent a fortune on our holiday in Crete, we decided it would be a good idea to cook in our villa for a couple of evenings! The 'Supermarkets' had a pretty good supply but still fairly limited so we had to work with what we could find! This dish was made up of... Continue Reading →

Chorizo Crusted Cod

This dish comes from The Hairy Dieters and is such a great simple weekday dinner. The chorizo flavour in the breadcrumbs just makes it so magical. I served this with some mashed potato (combined with creme fraiche) and a selection of greens. Ingredients 4 x 150g thick white fish fillets, such as haddock or cod,... Continue Reading →

Alice’s Fish Pie

Sorry it's been a while since my last post - hopefully this delight makes up for it! I love love love fish pie, but I am not a fan of fish pie mix you can buy in supermarkets, I much prefer a pie with just salmon or cod. I created this recipe for my housemates... Continue Reading →

Easy Cod

Ok, so it does seem i'm a little cod obsessed... Usually, I try and mix up my fish and meat intake over the week so i'm having fish/white meat/red meat/no meat... this recipe could easily be created using a different meat or a vegetarian substitute such as baked tofu.  Honestly, this whole meal took 40... Continue Reading →

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