Salmon Pasta

Another holiday dinner! I made this in Crete one evening we wanted something simple but tasty for dinner so I thought I’d just do a big pasta dish! This literally took 25 minutes and was lovely and fresh!


Tagliatelle – approx 3 nests per person

Smoked salmon – shredded into strips

Parsley –  handful or two roughly chopped

2-4 tbsp double cream

1 onion

4 clove garlic

Ciabatta loaf

100g butter


Heat water and cook the pasta to packet instructions.

Take the load of bread, and slice lengthways. In a bowl mix the butter, 3 garlic gloves (grated) and a handful of parsley. Spread the mix over the bread and toast in the oven for 10-15 minutes. 

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a large frying pan and gently fry the onion and one garlic clove.  

Add the cream and salmon to the pan, heating them both for a couple of minutes with some pepper. 

Add a tablespoon or two of the pasta water to the frying pan and drain the pasta. Add the pasta to the pan and mix everything together. 

Pour the pasta mix into a gorgeous bowl and top with the fresh parsley. 


I hope you try this too – let me know!

Love, A x

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