August: Restaurants

It’s that time of the month again! Honestly, summer has flown past, I can’t believe it is September on Friday and we are moving into Autumn. I don’t know where the year has gone – although I think we all say this every year! Like last month, I thought I would round off the month of blog posts with a selection of my favourite places I ate this month, what I had and my recommendations. I love cooking relatively ‘healthy’ food usually as you will have seen from my recipe posts, so when I go for dinner I tend to splash out… as you will see below!

Absurd Bird

54 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT

We started off August with a massive bang and celebrated my sister moving to London with an almighty dinner at Absurd Bird. Fried chicken is one of my favourite cheeky meals and this did not disappoint. The chicken was deliciously flavoured and the sides were on pointttt! They also were doing 241 cocktails which I cannot say no to… My only problem was a classic case of ‘eyes bigger than belly’ syndrome and did slightly over order.

Some of the chicken did make it back with us for a late night snack…

What I ordered:

The four piece ‘Absurd Bucket’ – 4 pieces of buttermilk fried chicken with fries in a bucket – a fancier KFC if you will.

Onion rings – obs (I cannot resist. Ever)

Mac and cheese – shared with my sister

What others ordered:

Six fried chicken tenders with fries

AB traditional waffle – fried chicken, gravy, maple syrup, waffle – crazy

Go go go!! It is just a really fun place to go out and pretty good value – also the selection of cocktails is worth going for!

Bad Egg

CityPoint, 1 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9AW

My housemate and I treated ourselves to a TimeOut Burger Box, which gives you 50% off all food for 2 people at a selection of burger restaurants (what can I say we love burgers and we love bargains!?). So we treated our men and went on a double date to Bad Egg.

*FYI if you have this box I’m not 100% sure you’re allowed to use two vouchers on the same table at every restaurant but these guys let us woo!

So anyway – seriously epic meal. Like seriously. It was not a run of the mill burger and fries restaurant. My friend had seen bad reviews online so we were unsure when we got there, but we were not disappointed and really glad we went.

What we ordered:

Cheese burger – involving what they describe as a ‘cheese fondue’ and I would say that was pretty accurate.

Bad Egg Burger – the boys choice

Harissa Lamb Hash

Halloumi Fries

Pulled Pork and Kimchi Fries

Nduja Cheese and Fried Egg Fries

French Fries

Korean Chicken Wings

Wow reading that back we ordered so much!

What I would say is even though this is a burger place (and don’t get me wrong they were great) it is totally the sides that made it. I have never had such good halloumi fries EVER and the pulled pork fries and cheese and fried egg fries were AMAZING. Even though they all sounded odd they were so so so good!

Whyte and Brown

Kingly Court, London, W1B 5PW

Kingly Court off Carnaby Street off Regent Street is one of my favourite places in London. A hidden gem filled with wonderful and varied places to eat and drink, it’s great place to go when you find yourself in the area and hungry.

Without a doubt, Whyte and Brown is one of my favourite go to places and I enjoy every meal or drink I have there.

Hosting friends for the weekend, we had just built up an appetite at Swingers and wanted something warming to get us through the afternoon. It did not disappoint!

What we ate:

3 of us ordered the Roast Chicken Crispy Burger – including gravy mayo (yep you heard that right), crispy chicken skin, and sage and onion relish.


2 lots of fries and 1 portion of Parmesan and truffle fries (super good).

Halloumi bites – so bloody good.


I went for a rather rogue choice and had the chicken supreme with baby spinach, lentil and chicory salad and sun dried tomato and hazelnut pesto and not only was it seriously good I left feeling that perfect level of fullness!


As an aside I have had the crispy chicken burger before and I can confirm it’s utterly divine.

Honestly not much more I can say other than you have to try this place!!


350 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UU

You know how you see a restaurant on the tv (Made in Chelsea) and you just don’t know what to expect and you kinda think the worst… WELL, let me tell you – this lived up to expectations BIG TIME.

We arrive (not dressed Made in Chelsea-esque at all!) and they were soo wonderful and treated us like queens and even told us we had a great table! The staff were all so lovely and made the experience really good. I would recommend this place to everyone – in addition it was really reasonably priced. 

What I ate:

Starter: The Bluebird fishcake – amazzzzzing


Main: Minute Steak cooked in garlic butter (which was super nice that it was actually cooked in the butter) and fries.



We all actually went for the steak (which is unlike me as I’m not a massive steak person but I just knew it would be good and how right I was!)

To start the others had Eggs Benedict which looked really good. A really sweet touch I thought was that the waiter has asked the chef to slightly overcook the egg for my pregnant friend who was with us, without us knowing until it arrived. Even though it has been confirmed that good quality,  ‘Lion Code’ eggs cause no or little risk of harm to pregnant women when runny (BBC), I thought it was really sweet that they  added this touch anyway.

I had a delightful Bloody Mary as well… because I just have to!

Both course by the way were £25 which if you ask me is a bloody bargain for a top restaurant in, not just London, but Chelsea in London. 

La Figa

The Mosaic, 45 Narrow Street, London, E14 8DN 

The final place on this months list is this little gem near where I live. It’s a really simple Italian place but the food is so good, good value, the portions were mahooosive and the staff were super friendly!

What I ate:

The special! Ham and Cheese tortellini with a whole lotta cheese!! 


*This picture was taken before handfuls of additional parmesan were added…

The atmosphere was really great here, I would recommend it big time!

I hope you enjoyed this months selection and try some of them out for yourself! Let me know what you think!

Love, A, x. 

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