Starter: Salt and Pepper Squid

This would serve as a starter or a cheeky side dish and oh my it is good, it is so so good. My boyfriend is a bit funny about squid but he absolutely loves this one. What’s great is it is good hot or cold so we enjoyed some of the leftovers in our lunch the following day!


Squid (I used Asda Frozen Squid 300g and used about half the packet but if you can buy pre-cut rings that’s perfect), cut into rings about 1.5cm wide.

50 cornflour

1 tbsp pepper kernels 

1 tbsp salt flakes

Now I really like the flavours strong but if you prefer, use ground up salt and pepper which gives a really nice flavour just not as strong!

Sunflower oil – enough for 1-2 cm deep in a pan. 

Harissa Mayo

2 tbsp mayonnaise

1 tsp harissa paste


If using pepper kernels and salt flakes, add them to a freezer bag or use a pestle and mortar and bash slightly to crack some of the kernels. 

Take the squid and use some kitchen towel to dry it as much as possible. 

In a freezer bag, combine the cornflour and the salt and pepper and add the squid. Shake the bag and ensure each piece of squid is covered in flour and seasoning. Leave for a few minutes to ensure it is all coated. 

Heat the oil in a deep pan and add a few pieces of squid at a time. Cook for a few minutes on one side and turn. You want it to turn golden. Be careful because it will spit. 


When a piece is ready, turn it on to some kitchen towel. 

In a small bowl mix the mayonnaise with the harissa paste. 


Put the cooked squid into a bowl and serve with the mayo!! Enjoy!!

IMG_2277 2

Let me know your thoughts!

Love, A, x. 

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